R. Bocsi(1*), L. Hanák(2), G. Horváth(3), Z. Hodai(4), D. Rippel-Pethő(5), B. Szabó-Ravasz(6), L. Szokonya(7), Gy. Takács(8)

(*) Corresponding Author

Algae Cultivation for Energetic Purposes, Research on Algae Technolgy at the University of Pannonia


Biotechnology and renewable materials are very popular research projects nowadays. The increasing attendance of industrial participants enhances the significance of these projects. We started cultivating microalgae a few years ago. Under the supervision of our biologist partner and based on the literature, we built our photobioreactor system on a laboratory scale. Our first objectives were algae cultivation for energetic purposes in addition to carbon-dioxide capture. It is reasonable to conclude that the extraction of bioactive compounds is worth consideration.


alga technology; cultivation; lipid

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