A. Borsos(1*), B. G. Lakatos(2)

(*) Corresponding Author

Influence of cooling profile on the product properties in cooling crystallizers


Batch cooling crystallization process is investigated using different cooling procedures through mathematical modelling and computer simulation. The main element of the mathematical model is the population balance equation which contains both process and kinetic parameters. In the mathematical model of crystallizer the population balance equation is completed with the ordinary differential equations governing the mass balancesof solute and solvent, as well as the heat balances of the crystalline suspension and the cooling medium. From the population balance model a set of differential equations was obtained for the first four moments of the size variable of crystals and the mass and heat balances, and the resulted equation system was solved in MATLAB environment. The dynamic properties and behaviour of the crystallizer depending on the cooling procedures was studied by numerical experimentation the results of which are presented and analysed.

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