Levente Bálint(1*), Tibor Dulai(2), Ágnes Stark-Werner(3), Gergely Apostol(4), Ádám Tompos(5)

(*) Corresponding Author

A Network Model for Simulating the Dynamic Behaviour of an Energy Distribution Network


The aim of this paper is to present the planning and implementation of a network model for an energy distribution network for simulating its dynamical behaviour. The model includes different types of energy sources, distribution centres and consumers. The prepared simulation environment makes it possible to add/remove/modify any type of node – to/form/in the model. Other actions that may be carried out are the initiation/termination of an energy source or change to its production level. The main goal of the simulation is to investigate the effect of an immediate event (such as a power plant failure, decreased production, etc.) on the network and search for the most appropriate substitute possible. The search may happen either on cost bases or time bases. The system created is based on web technology, any user is able to create/save/load his own model and do simulations on it. This work serves as a basis for further work, which involves more complex electrical knowledge and possibilities regarding the network.


energy distribution network; energy sources; dynamical behaviour; network model; simulation

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