Zoltán Hodai(1*), Dóra Rippel-Pethő(2), Géza Horváth(3), László Hanák(4), Róbert Bocsi(5)

(*) Corresponding Author

The Energy Balance of Separation Opportunities in Microalgae Technologies


Algae technology is at the focus of international research and development, since it is a green technology that reduces emissions of harmful chemicals and can be considered as a renewable energy source. Carbon dioxide from stack gases and the nitrogen content of wastewater can be considered as food sources for plants and algae. The utilisation of carbon dioxide by algae technologies depends on the technical environment and logistics of teamwork. This technology is a new opportunity in Hungary for decreasing emissions. We grew algae populations to utilise the carbon dioxide from a refinery’s stack gas in the continental climate of Hungary. Critical parameters of the technology are the concentration of the algae suspension and extract, because of high investment and operating costs as well as the long operation time, which determines the feasibility of the algae technology. Our specific aim was to separate the algae mass faster and more efficiently from the starting solution. The optimisation of separation operations and technologies took into consideration environmental and economic aspects.


microalgae technology; separation; filtration; renewable energy source

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