P. Árva(1*), F. Szeifert(2)

(*) Corresponding Author

Mathematical Modelling of Absorption Columns II. Parameter Sensitivity and Methods for its Calculation


The idea "parameter sensitivity" is defined for various operational units and the models enabling their calculation have been described. The Piston Flow Model (P. F. Model), suitable for the description of two-phase countercurrent operational units has two dimensionless parameters, whereas the Axial Dispersed Plug Flow Model (A. D. P. F. Model) has four. In the case of both models, the number of physical quantities and figures characteristic of the working state included in these dimensionless parameters is very large.
This paper deals with the analytical solution used for the calculation of the sensitivities. The theoretical connections are supplemented by a number of numerical examples, calculated by both analog and digital computers, presenting an illustration of the practical application of parameter sensitivity.

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