J. Farkas(1*), F. Molnár(2)

(*) Corresponding Author

A Digital Calorimeter and its Applications in Chemical Industry


In addition to parameters such as temperature, pressure, quantity of streaming material, as well as various other physical-chemical parameters, the quantity of heat is a very important characteristic figure in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and energetical industries, etc., and any other industrial branch where thermal energy is used or produced. Until a few years ago, the simple, accurate and reliable determination was solved by the development of the Digital calorimeter type DIGITCALOR NORX QM-121. (Hungarian Patent No. 158.601 of the United Chemical Works.)
The above-mentioned continuous-operation, digital calorimeter enables the quantity of heat brought into or carried away from a system by streaming medium to be determined, both as an instantaneous value and as one integrated for a given period of measurement.

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