P. Árva(1*), F. Szeifert(2)

(*) Corresponding Author

Mathematical Modelling of Absorption Columns III. The Practical Use of the Parameter Sensitivity Concept


The numerical values of parameter sensitivity based on the data of the previously discussed experiments and the practical use of these values are discussed here.
The sensitivity of concentrations existing either in liquid or in the gas phases were calculated on the base on the piston Flow (P. F.) model. In these calculations the values of the transfer coefficient of the unit volume and the flow rates of the phases were taken into account. A valuation method is presented which can be used for the calculation of errors in the determination of the parameters. Such errors are due to inaccuracy in the determination of the concentrations. The data of the parameter sensitivity are applied in the valuation of the effects of changes in the operation of absorption columns.
Valuating the Axial Dispersed Plug-Flow (A. D. P. F.) model, the numerical values of the sensitivity as the function of both the mixing and mass transfer coefficients of the phases are presented, and the approximate calculation errors of these data are given. A comparison was drawn between the P. F. and A. D. P. F. models using the sensitivity data calculated by the mixing coefficients determined in a given experiment.

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