G. Faludi(1*), E. Házi(2), Z. Csapó(3)

(*) Corresponding Author

Determination of the Ash and Moisture Content of Mineral Coals by Neutron Slow-Down


The intensity of thermal neutrons in the vicinity of a neutron source emitting fast neutrons, depends on the concentration of the elements capable of slowing down the neutrons in the medium surrounding the source.
The possibilities for the determination of the ash and moisture content of mineral coals , were studied on the basis of this fact by the application of two sorts of geometrical arrangements. Factors interfering with the determination were also studied. According to these investigations, the technique can be applied with coal of low ash content (up to 20%) mainly for the purpose of ash content determination, with an error of ±0.3% ash content (higher than 50%) it can be used for humidity content determination, with an error of ±0.2% humidity.

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