Vol 35, No 1 (2007)

Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry

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Process Engineering Research and Education at the Department of Process Engineering – Past, Present and Future PDF
J. Abonyi
Population Balance Modelling of Crystallisation Processes PDF
B. G. Lakatos
Interpetable Support Vector Machines in Regression and Classification – Application in Process Engineering PDF
T. Kenesei, J. Abonyi
Runaway of Chemical Reactors: Parametric Sensitivity and Stability PDF
F. Szeifert, T. Chován, L. Nagy, J. Abonyi, P. Árva
The Effect of a Ziegler-Natta Catalyst and the Polymerization Parameters on the Basic Properties of Polyethylene PDF
P. Suba, P. Árva, S. Németh
Thermal Cracking of Recycled Hydrocarbon Gas-Mixtures with High Olefins Concentrations in the Feed: Operational Analysis of Industrial Furnaces PDF
T. Gál, B. G. Lakatos
Control Structures Based on Constrained Inverses PDF
F. Szeifert, T. Chován, L. Nagy
Batch Analysis PDF
F. Molnár, T. Chován, F. Szeifert, L. Nagy
Control of a Continuous Vacuum Crystalliser in an Industrial Environment: A Feasibility Study – Comparision PID to Model Predictive Control Solution PDF
N. Moldoványi, J. Abonyi
What Happens to Process Data in Chemical Industry? From Source to Applications – an Overview PDF
B. Balaskó, J. Abonyi
Application of Exploratory Data Analysis to Historical Process Data of Polyethylene Production PDF
J. Abonyi
Decision Tree Based Qualitative Analysis of Operating Regimes in Industrial Production Processes PDF
T. Varga, F. Szeifert, J. Réti, J. Abonyi

ISSN: 2450-5102