Vol 38, No 2 (2010): Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry

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Table of Contents


Motion Simulation of a Path Controlled Vehicle PDF
D. Antal 77-81
Modelling of Polymer Particle Formation Using Population Balance Model PDF
Á. Bárkányi, B. G. Lakatos, S. Németh 83-88
Designing of Smoother Hob PDF
S. Bodzás, I. Dudás 89-94
Relationship between Input Channel Excitation Time and Profinet IO Refresh Time PDF
I. Ferenczi 95-98
Environmental-Friendly Cutting of Automotive Parts Made of Aluminium Castings PDF
R. Horváth, B. Palásti-Kovács, S. Sipos 99-105
State of Process Developments and Trends in Hard Gear Finishing PDF
M. Lukács 107-111
Designing and Manufacturing a Goalie Mask PDF
T. Horváth, A. Tamásová 113-116
Photofermentative Production of Hydrogen by Thiocapsa Roseopersicina from Simple Organic Substrates PDF
É. Molnos, A. Nyilasi, G. Rákhely, O. Muntean, K. L. Kovács 117-121
The Application of Probability Theory for Drilling PDF
R. Monostori, I. Dudás 123-126
Developement of New Technical Solution for Starter Motors for Passenger Cars PDF
L. Nagy, E. Jakab 127-132
Tool Life of Cutting Tool in Case of Hard Turning PDF
L. Ráczkövi 133-136
Development of CFD Based Mathematical Models to Study Heterocatalytic Systems PDF
Gy. Rádi, T. Varga, T. Chován 137-141
The Examination of the Boundary Layer Formed on the Nickel Electrode/Solution Interface in the Boundary Layer Separation Method in Plastic Industrial Wastewaters PDF
D. Pethő-Rippel, G. Horváth 143-147
Models and Methods to Detect Similarity of Manufacturing Machines PDF
O. Hornyák, G. Sáfrány 149-153
Analysis of Global and Local Environmental Impacts of Bus Transport by LCA Methodologies PDF
B. Simon, L. Tamaska, N. Kováts 155-158
Simulation of a Secondary Settler Based on Sedimentation Curves PDF
V. Somogyi, E. Domokos, Á. Rédey 159-162
Research of the Mechanism of Plastic Strain in Case of Tempered Steel in Hard Turning PDF
G. Szabó 163-167
Research of Roughness of Hard Turned Bores PDF
K. Szakács 169-173
The Production and Investigation of Starch Based Slow Released Encapsulating Agents PDF
M. Meiczinger, Gy. Marton 175-179
Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors PDF
E. Szentgyörgyi, K. Bélafi-Bakó 181-185
Autonomous Mapping in Polluted Environments PDF
I. Szőke, A. Majdik, D. Lupea, L. Tamás, Gh. Lazea 187-191
Risk Methods and Chance of Practices PDF
G. N. Tóth, L. Berek 193-196
Mechanical and Thermal Treatments Influencing the Grain Boundary Character Distribution PDF
P. J. Szabó, P. Varga 197-200
Examination the Interaction between the Composition of a Theoretical Ecosystem and the Increase in the Atmospherical CO2 Level PDF
Á. Drégelyi-Kiss, L. Gimesi, R. Homoródi, L. Hufnagel 201-206
Sensorless Rotor Position Detection of PMSM for Automotive Application PDF
D. Fodor, H. Medve, I. Szalay, T. Kulcsár 207-210
Power Spectral Density (PSD) Analysis of Machined Surfaces PDF
I. Barányi 211-214
High-Tech Boat PDF
J. Lénárt 215-218
Automatic Robotic Assembly System in the Service of the Vehicle Industry and the Environment PDF
I. Sztankovics 219-222
Two Special Cases of the Holonic Manufacturing System PDF
K. Bányai, Z. Mándy, I. Dudás 223-226

ISSN: 2450-5102