Vol 39, No 1 (2011): Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry

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Table of Contents


Crystallization of para-Xylene in a Batch Cooling Crystallizer PDF
A. Borsos, B. G. Lakatos 1-6
Investigation of the Hydroconversion of Lard and Lard-Gas Oil Mixture on PtPd/USY Catalyst PDF
P. Baladincz, Cs. Tóth, S. Kovács, J. Hancsók 7-13
The Effect of Highway Traffic on Heavy Metal Content of Cow Milk and Cheese PDF
L. Kodrik, L. Wagner, K. Imre, K.F. Polyak, F. Besenyei, F. Husveth 15-19
Relationship between Input Channel Excitation Time and Profinet IO Refresh Time PDF
K. Kollár 21-25
Simulation of Fluid Flow, Combustion and Heat Transfer Processes in Internal Combustion Engines PDF
T. Morauszki, P. Mándli, Z. Horváth, M.R. Dreyer 27-30
Methods of Surfaces Quality Comparison in Mechanical Engineering Applications PDF
L. Solecki 31-34
Data Determination of an Internal Combustion Engine for Model Set-up PDF
I. Lakatos, Á. Titrik, T. Orbán 35-40
Some Design Issues of Multi-Plate Magnetorheological Clutches PDF
D. Törőcsik 41-44
Extraction Examinations of Microalgae Propagated for Biodiesel Additives PDF
R. Bocsi, G. Horvath, L. Hanak, Z. Hodai 45-49
Hydrocarbon Fractions Obtained from Recycling of Waste Materials PDF
N. Borsodi, N. Miskolczi, I. Lázár, L. Bartha, A. Gerencsér 51-56
Vehicle Dynamics Based ABS ECU Testing on a Real-Time HIL Simulator PDF
K. Enisz, P. Tóth, D. Fodor, T. Kulcsár 57-62
Oligomerization of Izobutene in the Presence of Ionic Liquid – Based Catalysts PDF
C. Fehér, R. Skoda-Földes, E. Kriván, J. Hancsók 63-66
Densification Processes of Microalgae Bred for Biodiesel Production PDF
Z. Hodai, G. Horváth, L. Hanák, R. Bocsi 67-71
Estimation of the Maximum Applicable Voltage Level of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors by Automated Spark-Detection Measurement PDF
L. Kovács, D. Fodor 73-78
Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emission and its Catalytic Depollution PDF
Zs. Sinka, J. Kovács, T. Yuzhakova, J. Lakó 79-83
Investigation of Hydrogenation of Conventional and High Oleic Acid Content Rapeseed or Sunflower Oils PDF
P. Solymosi, T. Kasza, J. Hancsók 85-90
Bycicle ABS Prototype Development PDF
R. Jakab, K. Enisz, V. Hauptmann, F. Speiser, D. Fodor 91-94
Environmental Significance and Identification of Metal-Chelate Complexes Using Ion Chromatography PDF
R. Tófalvi, A. Sepsey, K. Horváth, P. Hajós 95-99
Superstructure Stabilization of Ballast Bedded Railway Tracks with Geogrids PDF
Sz. Fischer, F. Horvát 101-106
Determining Optimal Stock Level in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains PDF
A. Király, G. Belvárdi, J. Abonyi 107-112
Effect of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Content on Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Crystallinity of polypropilene composites PDF
A. Szentes, G. Horváth, Cs. Varga, G. Harrach 113-116
Investigation of Kinetics of Hydroisomerization of C5/C6 and C6/C7 Alkanes and their Binary Mixtures PDF
Zs. Szoboszlai, J. Hancsók 117-120
Investigation of Fuel Components Produced by the Isomerization of Bio-Paraffin Mixtures PDF
T. Kasza, J. Hancsók 121-126
Effects of Surfactants on the Aggregate Stability of Soils PDF
E. Miókovics, G. Széplábi, A. Makó, H. Hernádi, T. Hermann 127-131
Diagnostic Investigations Based on the Petri Net Model Generated from the Process Information PDF
B. Márczi, M. Gerzson, A. Leitold 133-139
Analysis and Modeling of Slotless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors PDF
I. Szalay, H. Medve, D. Fodor 141-146
Modeling and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of a Synchronous Motor PDF
L. Neukirchner, A. Fodor, A. Magyar 147-152
Tyre Pressure Monitoring with Wavelet-Transform PDF
P. Tóth, K. Enisz, D. Fodor 153-156
Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of an Induction Motor PDF
P. Hatos, A. Fodor, A. Magyar 157-161

ISSN: 2450-5102