Vol 39, No 2 (2011): Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry

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Table of Contents


Investigation of Sensible Heat Storage and Heat Insulation in the Exploitation of Concentrated Solar Energy PDF
I. Árpád 163-167
Control Operation and Analysis of the Spur Gears Profile PDF
E. Faluvegi, L. Cristea 169-172
Connection Theory of Conical Worm Gear Drives PDF
S. Bodzás, I. Dudás 173-176
The Attendance of Rational Energy Utilization and of the Green Energy PDF
A. Farkas, P. Faragó 177-181
Enhanced Use of Renewable Resources: Transesterification of Glycerol,the Byproduct of Biodiesel Production PDF
Z. Herseczki, G. Marton, T. Varga 183-187
Method for Determination of the Expected Roughness of Cut Surfaces PDF
C. Felho, J. Kundrak 189-193
Performance Evaluation of Bitumens at High Temperature with Multiple Stress Creep Recovery Test PDF
K. Adorjányi, P. Füleki 195-199
Examination Possibilities of Waste Water Purification Originate from Animal Waste Process PDF
G. Gulyás, Á. Kárpáti 201-204
Experimental Results of Dry Drilling of Wear Resistant Steel PDF
A. Kovács, Gy. Varga 205-210
Cutting of Aluminium Alloy by Abrasive Waterjet PDF
K. Kun-Bodnár, Zs. Maros 211-214
Using Graphical Processing Units in Scheduling Problems PDF
K. Mihály, O. Hornyák 215-218
Comparison of Hard Machining Procedures on Material Removal Rate PDF
V. Molnar, J. Kundrak 219-224
Finite Element Method Analysis of Hip-Joint Prosthesis PDF
R. Monostori, I. Dudás 225-227
On-Board Applicability of Mems-Based Autonomous Navigation System on Agricultural Aircrafts PDF
P. Nádasi, I. Szabó 229-232
Determination of the Inductance of Starter Relays PDF
L. Nagy, J. Lénárt, E. Jakab 233-235
Prototype of a Multi-Robot System for Autonomous Gas Mapping in Polluted Environments PDF
D. Lupea, I. Szőke, A. Majdik, Gh. Lazea 237-242
‘By’ Treating of Micro-Alloyed Steels Supported by Integrated ‘IT’ Technology in the Forging Factory of Raba PDF
F. Tancsics 243-249
Optimalisation the Position of Solar Cells for Vehicles PDF
I. Lőrincz, D. Czeglédi 251-255
Optimal Tool Selection for Environmental-Friendly Turning Operation of Aluminium PDF
R. Horvath, B. Palásti-Kovács, S. Sipos 257-263
Comparison of Scalar and Vector Control Strategies of Induction Motors PDF
G. Kohlrusz, D. Fodor 265-270
Heavy Metal Contamination Assessment and its Environmental Impact in the Area of Rural Waste Disposals in Cluj County,Romania PDF
G. Popiţa, I. Varga, C. Modoi, R. Haţegan, A. Popovici 271-278
CBN Tool Life Prediction by Artificial Neural Network PDF
L. Raczkovi 279-282
Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Natural gas,a Motor Vehicle Fuel PDF
Á. Vágó, D. Rippel-Pethő, G. Horváth, I. Tóth, K. Oláh 283-287
Investigation on Coherencies between Residual Stresses and Tool Geometry by Hard Turning PDF
G. Szabo, J. Kundrak 289-294
Separation of Multicomponent Mixtures PDF
L. Szabó, S. Németh, F. Szeifert 295-300
The Region of Sebes-Körös and Holt-Sebes-Körös as Sample Areas of the Water Framework Directive PDF
Cs. Szalkay 301-303
Development of a Vehicle-Dynamic Measurement and Information System PDF
F. Szauter, J. Á. Székely, E. Horváth 305-308
Rotational Turning in Precision Finishing PDF
I. Sztankovics 309-312
Seasonal Changes in Weed Vegetation on Arable Pannonian Sand and Loess Lands in Hungary PDF
A. Tóth, Á. Balogh, B. Wichmann, I. Dancza, Cs. Szalkay, K. Penksza 313-315
Efficiency and Mass Optimization of Electric Permanent Magnet Motor Driven Vehicle PDF
J. Polák 317-320
Bioethanol Production from Paper Sludge Pretreated by Subcritical Water PDF
N. Pézsa, P. Ailer 321-324
Thoughts about the Clear Energy PDF
A. Farkas, P. Faragó 325-330

ISSN: 2450-5102