Vol 43, No 2 (2015): Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry

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Some Analytic Expressions for the Capacitance and Profiles of the Electric Double Layer Formed by Ions Near an Electrode PDF
Douglas Henderson 55-66


Comparison of Two Variable Interpolation Methods for Predicting the Vapour Pressure of Aqueous Glycerol Solutions PDF
István Szalkai, Attila Sebestyén, Biancamaria Della-Vecchia, Tamás Kristóf, László Kótai, Ferenc Bódi 67-71
Comparison of Decontamination Standards PDF
Le Cong Hao, Mai Dinh Thuy, Do Trung Hieu, Zoltán Sas 73-78
A Study of the Adsorption Characteristics of Cobalt and Caesium from a Solution by Using Vietnamese Bentonite PDF
Le Phuoc Cuong, Pham Hoang Giang, Bui Dang Hanh, Gergő Bátor 79-83
Application of Ionic Liquids in the Utilization of the Agricultural Wastes: Towards the One-step Pre-treatment And Cellulose Hydrolysis PDF
Gábor Megyeri, Nándor Nemestóthy, Milan Polakovic, Katalin Bélafi-Bakó, László Gubicza 85-89
Mineral Matter in Nigerian Coals and Tar Sand and their Implications in Binary Blend Formulation and Co-carbonisation PDF
Solomon A. Ryemshak, Aliyu Jauro, Istifanus Y. Chindo, Eno O. Ekanem 91-95
Comparative Study of Advanced Oxidation Processes to Treat Petroleum Wastewater PDF
Dheeaa Al Deen Atallah Aljubourya, Puganeshwary Palaniandy, Hamidi Bin Abdul Aziz, Shaik Feroz 97-101
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