Vol 44, No 1 (2016): Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry

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Mass Action and Conservation of Current PDF
Robert S. Eisenberg 1-28


Separation of Process Wastewater with Extractive Heterogeneous-Azeotropic Distillation PDF
András József Tóth, Ágnes Szanyi, Enikő Haaz, Péter Mizsey 29-32
Vapour Pressure of Ethanol and 1-propanol Binary Mixtures PDF
Misirkhan Talibov, Javid Safarov 33-38
Group Contribution Method-based Multi-objective Evolutionary Molecular Design PDF
Gyula Dörgő, János Abonyi 39-49
Selective Hydrogen Sulphide Removal from Acid Gas by Alkali Chemisorption in a Jet Reactor PDF
Janka Bobek, Dóra Rippel-Pethő, Éva Molnár, Róbert Bocsi 51-54
Hydrogen Sulphide Corrosion of Carbon and Stainless Steel Alloys Immersed in Mixtures of Renewable Fuel Sources and Tested under Co-processing Conditions PDF
András Gergely, Roland Locskai, Péter Szabó, Antal Krójer, Tamás Kristóf 55-70
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ISSN: 2450-5102