Németh Sándor

Welcome from the Dean

The Faculty of Engineering, presented with the Excellence in Research Award for the period of 2013-2016, is renowned for its openness towards and cooperation with the stakeholders of academic and economic spheres. We are continuously striving for opportunities of collaboration with other institutions, knowledge transfer, and optimised use of our infrastructure.

The faculty’s academic profile is characterized by the network of basic and applied research activities facilitating innovation chains. Our members of academic staff and researchers are committed to explore procedures that are based on modern, efficient, and technically advanced methods and to pursue opportunities to develop technologies that can be applied, by implementing the outcomes of researches obtained in the field of chemistry and other related sciences, for multiple purposes.

The faculty’s many research projects are grouped by scientific fields, detailing the activities and achievements of different facilities in reflection of contributions provided by the Faculty of Engineering.

Dr Sándor Németh


Tel: +36-88-624-743
Postal Address: Faculty of Engineering, University of Pannonia, Egyetem u. 10. Veszprem, 8200 Hungary